The IDS Advantage


IDS offers a network of detailers, draftsmen, and engineering firms that are responsive to the needs of the client. We are not an outsourced resource, but external project team members committed to the success of our clients.


We add value to the project by providing workable details to meet project technical requirements. There is a significant amount of legal liability associated with the shop drawing process. Faulty details can lead to scope confusion, fabrication errors, installation errors, and overlooked trade coordination issues. We understand the importance of good details and do not merely copy and paste architectural details into the shop drawings.


We follow the GANA recommended shop drawing standards. IDS can follow your in-house standards or develop shop drawing standards specific to your needs.


What we do……

Shop Drawings

IDS is staffed with experienced detailers & draftsmen and glazing & facade professionals who can provide high quality shop drawings with one of the shortest lead times in the industry. Our detailed shop drawings illustrate how the facade system will interface with the surrounding construction by incorporating architectural drawings, specifications, and other contract documents. Shop drawings are supplied in pdf or AutoCAD .dwg format. They can also be printed and shipped in Engineering b (ANSI b) or Architectural d (Arch d) paper sizes.


3D + BIM Services

IDS provides BIM services to glass and glazing contractors and manufacturers. We offer custom Revit family creation to allow manufacturers standard systems to be easily incorporated into the designer’s workflow. We also provide BIM support for glass and glazing contractors which allow them to leverage the advantages of BIM without the front end investment in software and training.


Fabrication Drawings

We can supply complete and easy-to-follow fabrication drawings for your approval. Our fabrication drawings include unit, assembly, and part drawings, identifying all of the materials, and relevant fabrication processes.


Facade Drafting and Detailing Services

Facade System Detailing
Glass/Aluminum Systems
Unitized and Stick Curtain Wall
Ribbon Windows
Punched Window
Operable Windows/Vents
Sliding Glass Doors
All-Glass Walls
ACM Cladding Systems


3D + BIM services

Facade Manufacturing Automation
Custom CAD Add-ons and Tools


Related Services

Mock-up Drawings
Extrusion Die Drawings
Proposal Drawings
Thermal Analysis


Other services available upon request