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IDS is the leading supplier of facade engineering services. As building facades become more complex and construction schedules more compressed, facade engineering becomes a critical element in the construction process.


IDS provides facade engineering services to subcontracting and manufacturing firms in the building facade industry. IDS provides facade detailing for a wide range of cladding systems with an emphasis on schedule, performance, and constructability. IDS offers several services to add value to the client engineering workflow.


IDS is staffed with experienced facade designers, drafters, and glazing professionals who can provide high-quality shop drawings with one of the shortest lead times in the industry. Our detailed shop drawings illustrate how the facade system will interface with surrounding construction by incorporating architectural drawings, specs, and other contract documents. They also provide installation conditions, overall dimensions, glazing and assembly details, and the section views that are vital to architects, contractors, and installers. Shop drawings are supplied in PDF or autocad dwg format, and are ready for your review and submittal. They can also be printed and shipped in engineering b (ansi b) 11″ x 17″ and architectural d (arch d) 24″ x 36″ paper sizes. IDS offers a network of engineers and designers that are responsive to the needs of the client. We are not an outsourced resource, but external project team members committed to the success of our clients.


Our core expertise is in providing quality, time sensitive facade engineering solutions. We provide facade engineering documentation for several facade systems. We provide custom system proposal drawings, mock-up drawings, shop and fabrication drawings.


Our clients are facade contractors, manufacturers, architects, and building owners. Our goal is to add value to the workflow and help them work more efficiently.


Our services include facade system detailing, proposal drawings, mock-up drawings, and shop drawings. IDS also offers fabrication drawings and thermal analysis. We offer all services necessary to streamline the facade engineering workflow.


Our staff has over 30 years of facade industry experience in the us market. We have global network of drafters that allow us to meet condensed lead times.