3D + BIM Services

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3D + BIM services


BIM is not a single piece of software; it is a way of working. The philosophy being that the BIM partners communicate and collaborate by exchanging information throughout the total life of the building.


The BIM process has changed the glass and curtain wall industry. This process (BIM) is an enabling catalyst to three major fenestration industry drivers. Sustainable design, lean construction, and integraed project delivery.
The major challenge ot implementing BIM is the required change in corporate culture and process. BIM can not be simply be appended into a companies traditional workflow.


IDS offers BIM outsourcing needs that allow our clients to leverage the advantages of BIM without the front end investment in software and training. IDS provides custom BIM content for manufacturers of aluminum cladding systems. Our wide range of BIM services ensure that you have access to the latest available technologies, cost effective methodologies, and the quickest turnarounds.


IDS BIM services allow our clients to comply with any BIM project requirement. We offer clash detection and overall coordination with other trades via BIM.


Our 3D services employ autodesk inventor to document architectural curtain wall frames for manufacturing and installation purposes. We offer 3D models and digital prototypes that allow our clients to iterate designs quickly.
Our services are designed to help our clients accomodate late changes made by architects and owners.


3D + BIM services

Glass and Glazing BIM Models
Custom BIM Families for Manufacturers
Autodesk Inventor 3D Modeling
Custom Cad Add-Ons and Tools


“BIM is a digital model of a building in which information about a project is stored. It can be 3D, 4d (integrating time) or even 5d (including cost) a�� right up to ‘nd’ (a term that covers any other information). as a receptacle for project information, BIM has massive versatility and potential”
Nisbet, n, et al, 2010


IDS offers the following services to different types of firms:


Content Creation and Value Engineering
Quantity Take-Off Analysis


Additional BIM Modeling Services Outsourcing

Conversion of Pdfs/Cad/Hand-Drawn Drawings to BIM Model
Walkthrough and Animation
High Class Rendering Support.
BIM Visualization and Marketing Content Development